Managed Print Services

An optimized imaging and printing environment delivers benefits across an organization. Energy and paper-saving technologies can help reduce environmental impact and costs. Improved management can increase reliability and boost productivity. Convenient recycling ensures that you can responsibly dispose of unwanted hardware and supplies. Stuart’s Managed Print Services (MPS) offers end-to-end services and solutions to transform your print environment. You can better meet your environmental goals, and even lower your operating and information technology (IT) overhead costs by as much as 30%.

Our comprehensive and scalable suite of MPS solutions includes:

• Assessment services – Uncover hidden costs and identify opportunities for improvement.

• Financial and procurement services – Receive assistance for planning, acquiring and retiring equipment in a safe and sustainable manner.

• Transition and implementation services – Build the new print environment.

• Management and support services – Improve return on investment through ongoing monitoring and support.

• Document and workflow services – Get better business outcomes by relying on proven technology, solutions and services.


Save Energy, Cut Costs

A typical office environment can have a printer on almost every desk, along with fax machines, copiers and other single-use devices throughout. Many might be old or outdated. Stuart’s MPS helps assess your print needs, placing the right type and number of devices in the right locations.

• Energy-saving technologies and products – Reduce energy use with features that automatically shut off devices when not in use, and instantly turn them on when you need them. Choose ENERGY STAR® qualified hardware products that deliver even more energy savings.

• Multi-use devices – Handle all printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs at once when you consolidate the current hardware into fewer, more energy-efficient multi-function printers (MFPs)

• Intuitive print management tools – Enable IT managers to centrally schedule sleep and wake-up modes across an entire print fleet, reducing fleet-wide energy consumption.